Helping Leaders Find and Foster Freedom

Through our online learning community, filled with likeminded leaders, and personalized conferences designed to help your community move forward.

Do you feel trapped? Frustrated?
Poorly equipped? Lost and alone?

Most pastors struggle in silence and isolation.

Every pastor and church leader finds themselves stuck at points in their journey. They have a strong desire to be effective for the Kingdom. Yet, they find that they're bogged down by the urgent needs in their church and are unsure where to even begin.

Freedom Hill helps leaders get unstuck.

Two pastors praying over multi-ethnic leaders during a church service.

We provide tools to help leaders build the church.

Freedom Hill offers ongoing conversation and community, so that you develop innovative ways of thinking and creative ways of doing from others. Here's what we offer:

What if your breakthrough was just one community away? 

Our mission is to help you reach your greatest level of kingdom effectiveness.

We believe that learning is best done the way Jesus practiced it: personally, communally, and conversationally.

By joining the Freedom Hill community, you'll discover a better way to do ministry.

Doing ministry in community is how God designed it all along.

We get it.

We've Been "There"

Our mission is birthed out of decades of trial and error, experiences (both good and bad), and advice from wise mentors. Our focus is to help you reach your greatest level of effectiveness. We're here to walk alongside you and connect you with a community of likeminded leaders.

Ultimately, we want to share the lessons we've learned the hard way so you can implement them the easy way: on the shoulders of those who've gone before you.

We'll do this through our easy-access online community so you get what you need now. We're also designing and launching local conferences to connect you to others and equip your community with resources it needs.

Trusted Partners

We're making it simple to get started.

Take "Breaking Free" Intro Course

Every pastor needs support. But first, they need to let go of limiting beliefs holding them back. This first course guides you through to authentically connect in community.

Engage and Shape the Community

We want your feedback. We will bring in partnerships, teachers and our own experience to speak into your specific needs. We are here to help you break free, so send your first email to Freedom Hill expressing what you need most, right now.

Attend Your First Community Conversation

This monthly event is the perfect opportunity to ask burning questions and get live coaching from Pastor Mike and Pastor Curtis. Don't miss out on this unique chance to grow and connect with others.

Choose Your Path Today

Monthly Membership

It's time to break free! A Monthly Membership is the perfect way to get access to the tools for you and your church. With our online learning community, you'll have access to everything we offer.



Annual Membership

Commit to a year of growth. Freedom Hill's Annual Membership is the perfect way to find and foster freedom personally and for your church. Get access to everything for a year and save 17%! 


Save 17%!

Sign up for the free course to discover your core motivations.

When pastors don't understand what motivates their ministry, they can miss the most powerful emotional driver of effective ministry.

This course reveals five ways God will break a leader's heart to drive the restoration of people and show you how to apply this newfound drive to your ministry.
This is what it's all about.

Freedom Hill Gets It

We know you want to be the bold leader of a hero-making church. You need to have the skills, resources, and community to take you to that level. The trouble is that it's easy to feel isolated, unsure who to talk to, and frustrated when things don't work. We've been there.

Fortunately, through years of experience, trial and error, and many helpful words shared by wise mentors, we've discovered there's a better way.

We believe every pastor can make a significant difference in their community, if only they have the right tools and people around them. That's why we started Freedom Hill: so you can building on the hard-earned lessons learned by those before you.

Here are the first three things you'll experience when you join: 1) Get a mindset shift, 2) engage with and shape the community, 3) learn together during monthly conversations.

Join our community today and discover the easier, faster, and stronger way to move the Kingdom of God forward: together. Instead of being isolated, unsure, and frustrated as a pastor, join Freedom Hill and get connected so you can boldly proclaim the Good News in your community.

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Join a strong community of likeminded leaders, pursuing the best for their churches.

You'll be surrounded by people who share your vision and values, and you will receive the training and tools you need to make an impact.